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Listen to Free Online Mp3 Album of Steve Vai Flex-Able Mp3 Album - Flex-Able is an album by Steve Vai. This was his first as a solo artist, and was created in Stucco Blue, a shed converted into a studio in Vai’s old back garden.

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Listen to Online Mp3 Album of Steve Vai Flex-Able
It is very different from many of his other albums, and is largely influenced by Frank Zappa. Flex-Able is not as based around massive guitar arrangements and shred moments as the rest of his output from the 1990s onwards, with the exception of ‘Leftovers’ which is a compilation of bonus tracks and remasters from his sessions at ‘Stucco Blue’.

The cover of the May 2009 issue of Guitar World features a photograph of Vai in a pose similar to the album’s cover, including the broken guitar neck.


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