AC/DC: Hard as a Rock Mp3, Video with Lyrics

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AC/DC: Hard as a Rock Mp3

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“Hard as a Rock” is a song and a single by the Australian hard rock band AC/DC. It features as the first track on their album, Ballbreaker, released in 1995. It became their second No. 1 song on the Album Rock Tracks chart, following 1993’s “Big Gun”. Live performances are also included on two of AC/DC’s live concert DVDs, No Bull (of which an audio version is found on the Australian tour edition of Stiff Upper Lip) and Stiff Upper Lip Live. It also appears on the 2007 Plug Me In three-disc DVD.

The music video to this song was directed by David Mallet, and was set at the Bray Studios in Windsor, Berkshire. Lots of fans gathered to be a part of this video, and can be seen front of the stage, and also seen behind the bars which surrounds the stage the band plays on. Also, in the video, lead guitarist Angus Young is seen playing his Gibson SG on a wrecking ball, which destroys a building. Angus Young had stated in the documentary that he had a fear of heights when doing this before. The video can be seen on the DVD version of No Bull (which also includes the documentary on how the video was made) and the Backtracks box set.

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AC/DC: Hard as a Rock Lyrics

A rollin’ rock, electric shock

It gives a lickin’ that doesn’t stop

She line ’em up, push you ’round

Smokin’ rings going ’round and ’round

Her hot potatoes

Will elevate you

Her bad behavior

Will leave you standing proud

Hard as a rock


Hard as a rock

Harder than a rock

Hard as a rock

Harder than a rock

The lightnin’ rod, strike it hot

Gonna hit you like the Rushmore rock

No nicotine, no pipe dreams

So low and dirty, it’s darn right mean

Hell elevator

I’ll see you later

No I ain’t gonna take it

I’m bustin’ out

Hard as a rock


ACDC Hard as a Rock Mp3, Video and Lyrics
AC/DC - Hard as a Rock